Monday, June 7, 2010

how to order

this coming fall will be the first time that i am not taking custom orders. right now while the kiddos are small, i need to work it so i can keep up at my own pace and still have plenty of time for my little rug rats. i wrote more about it all here.

i now have an etsy store in which i will put any and all inventory for sale when it gets constructed. find me here,

FOR DAYDREAM BELIEVER: I will be making inventory to post in my etsy AND big cartel ( store. I will have more than one upload with various sizes and styles, so if you miss out the first time - you will have another chance! I will always update facebook to let you know about an upload. To see the collection, either go to facebook and look for the album titled "Daydream Believer" or click on the tab at the top of my website. :)

keep up to date on BG and follow me on facebook for all the newest updates and info from BG.

although i would love to sew for every person that asks, it simply cannot happen since i am a one-woman show.

thanks so much for all of your continued support here at BG!

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  1. Hi - I ordered your Milly dress pattern back in the spring for my daughter, Amelia, who we coincidentally call Milly from time to time. She loves the dress and I get compliments everytime she wears it! SO thank you so so much. On that note, on this page you have a tunic/tank cream top w/red patterned bottom in the picture. Do you have a pattern for that. My daughter would go nuts for it. Thanks!