Thursday, July 22, 2010

about me

brownie-goose is a collection of custom made children's clothing that has a fun, funky & vintage-inspired edge. you won't find the traditional here, so if you have a wild side and love the bright colors and bold patterns, bg will have you right at home! or if you long for the days of lace and frill, you got me.

i am the sole owner of brownie-goose. what this means to you is that i am the only seamstress here. i sew everything in my fabulous sewing room, by myself when my 4 year old and newborn are sleeping since i am also a stay-at-home mom. in other words, the brownie-goose you receive is hand-sewn by me, myself and i. custom orders will take time, and during busier times please understand that i am working as quickly as i can to get your fun orders out to you.

although i try, i am not perfect. no two items that i sew will be exactly alike. but hey, that's the beauty of hand-made clothing, right? who wants to be just like everyone? not i!

want a little history of bg? it all started november of 2008 when i decided that i would be quitting my "real job" as a pediatric nurse so that i could stay home with my little girl whose immune system just couldn't stand up to daycare. i am a 4th generation tailor in my family and so the sewing machine was nothing new to me. i began sewing for louisa as i would shop and not find a single thing i would like to dress her in. therefore, i began creating her unique outfits, and took the advice of some friends when i quit my day-job to take a go at selling some of my stuff to others. well, let's just say the rest is history!

brownie-goose is named after 2 of my 4-legged children, my labs. i have a chocolate lab (my sidekick) named mallard that we call "brownie," and a black lab (mixed with horse, she is huge) named lucy that we call "goose." enter.....brownie-goose. :)

thanks for stopping by on my site, and i hope you like what you see.

amy s. norris

for more info on me and the girl behind BG, check it out here.

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